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Team Integrity, the new Faculty leaders

The University of Nairobi held its Faculty and Campus Students Association (FCSA) annual elections. The elections were held virtually on Friday March 25th, 2022.

There were three teams competing for FCSA office in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences FOASS; Team Success, Team Okuz and Team Integrity.

Team Integrity took the lead with a total of 1361 votes followed closely by Team Okuz with 1179 votes. The incoming Chairperson representing FOASS in FCSA is Peter Nguka.

Raila Addresses Youth Unemployment

The University of Nairobi through the Department of Political Science hosted the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga through a virtual public lecture on, ‘Youth and Nationhood: Challenges facing the youth in Kenya/Africa.’

In the Tuesday afternoon event that was well attended by the university students and the youth, Hon. Raila Odinga articulated the challenges that the youth in Kenya today are facing and gave his personal observations on the challenges that have plagued education and unemployment.

New Journal Article: Whistleblowing behaviours and anti-corruption approaches in public administration in Kenya

Abstract: This article demonstrates that whistleblowing often receives little attention in public administration due to ambivalence regarding administrative roles held by public administrators, the fluid scalar chain and horizontal linkages, and competitive and intricate public, organisational and private interests.

Foreign Intervention in Africa after the Cold War: Sovereignty, Responsibility and the War on Terror, E. Schmidt: Book Review

Abstract : In her book, Schmidt outlines the contemporary linkages between foreign powers and Africa as driven by western-led politics of intervention. She argues that through foreign interventions, “outsiders” are able to pursue, promote or attain their specific interests in Africa.

Conference on China-African Relations

The department of political science and public administration hosted a conference on China-African relations where they deliberated on critical issues, explored alternative of doing business and strengthening relations between the Nations. Sino-African relations are a vibrant, two-way dynamic in which both sides adjust to policy initiatives and popular perceptions emanating from the other. China's role in Africa defies conventional stereotypes and punchy news headlines.