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Head of Thematic Area:

Prof. Philip Nying’uro

Members in Thematic Area:

1. Dr. Adams Oloo

2. Dr. Musambayi Katumanga

3. Dr. Christine Mutuku

4. Dr. Mumma-Martinon

5. Dr. Fred Jonyo

6. Dr. Henry Amadi

7. Dr. Penina Ogada

8. Mr. Tom Ocholla

Degree Programs Exclusively under the Thematic Area:

 Master of Arts in International Relations

 Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic and Security Studies


Degree Courses under the thematic area:

 Introduction to International Relations

 Foreign Policy Analysis

 Kenya’s Foreign Policy

 Comparative Foreign Policy

 Diplomacy

 Strategic and National Security Studies

 Conflict Management in Africa

 Inter-African Relations

 State, War and Peace in International Relations

 International terrorism

 International Organizations