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Courses offered are clustered around the six sub-disciplines of the discipline of Political Science, that is, Political Theory, Political Sociology, Political Economy, International Relations, Comparative Politics and Public Administration. However, in First Year courses, introduce students to general issues in Political Science and are compulsory.

First Year

CPS 101: Introduction to Political Science

CPS 102: Politics and Government in Africa

CPS 103: Basic Concepts in Political Science

CPS 104: Politics and Government in Kenya

Second Year

Political Theory

CPS 201: Introduction to Political Theory

CPS 202: Modern Political Theory

Political Economy

CPS 251: Introduction to Political Economy

CPS 252: Political Economy of African Development

Political Sociology

CPS 211: Introduction to Political Sociology

CPS 212: Politics and Social Integration

Comparative Politics

CPS 221: Introduction to Comparative Politics

CPS 222: Comparative Politics of Developing Areas

CPS 223: Comparative Politics of Industrial states

International Relations

CPS 231: Introduction to International Relations

CPS 232: Relations Among African States

CPS 233: Issues in International Relations

CPS 234: Africa and the Major Powers

CPS 235: Introduction to International Law

Public Administration

CPS 241: Introduction to Public Administration

CPS 242: Administrative Theory

Third Year

Political Theory

CPS 303: Theory of Political Inquiry

CPS 304: Methods of Political Inquiry

*These courses are compulsory for all students who are majoring in Political Science under either Option One or Option Two of the B.A. degree programme in the Faculty of Arts.

CPS 301: Major Themes in African Political Thought

CPS 302: African Political Thought: Selected Works

Political Sociology

CPS 311: Politics of Social Movements

CPS 312: Parties and Pressure Groups

Comparative Politics

CPS 321: Politics and Government in East Africa

CPS 322: Politics and Government of a Selected African Region

CPS 323: Politics and Government of a Selected Developing Region

International Relations

CPS 331: North-South Relations

CPS 332: South-South Relations

CPS 333: International Organization

Public Administration

CPS 341: Comparative Administration Systems

CPS 342: Development Administration

CPS 343: Public Policy Analysis

CPS 344: Public Personnel Management

CPS345: Comparative Local Government

Political Economy

CPS 351: Politics of Agricultural Development

CPS 352: Politics of Industrialization in Africa

CPS 353: Women in the Political Economy of the Third World

Fourth Year

Dissertation is compulsory for all students who are specializing in Political Science, that is those who have opted for option one Degree programme.

Political Theory

CPS 401: Theory of Democracy

CPS 402: Seminar on Approaches to Political Science

CPS 403: Dissertation

Political Sociology

CPS 411: Urban Politics

CPS 412: Public Opinion and Voter Behaviour

CPS 413: Dissertation

Comparative Politics

CPS 421: Politics and Government in South Africa

CPS 422: The Military in the Politics of a Selected Region

CPS 423: Dissertation

International Relations

CPS 431: Kenyas Foreign Policy

CPS 432: Comparative Foreign Policies

CPS 433: Politics of Regional Cooperation and Conflict

CPS 434: Superpower Relations

CPS 435: Strategic and National Security Studies

CPS 436: International Law and the African States

CPS 437: Dissertation

Public Administration

CPS 441: Administration of Rural Development

CPS 442: Public Financial Administration

CPS 443: Administration of Public Enterprises

CPS 444: Public Administration in Kenya

CPS 445: Dissertation

Political Economy

CPS 451: Politics of Multinational Corporations

CPS 452: Dependency and Development in the Third World

CPS 453: Dissertation