YALI Program in the US Embassy on the Elections and Electoral Systems
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Wed, 2017-06-21 12:00

Louise Nyamu-Steinbeck of Dept Political Science and Public Admininistration giving a talk to Students at Yali Program attended by our students at the US Embassy, Kenya

A group photo by Louise Nyamu-Steinbeck, departmental students and Yali program officials at the US Embassy, Kenya

Forty students from department of Political Science and Public Administration attended YALI program on 21 June 2017 in the US embassy on the elections and electoral systems, where they were trained on the following issues

1. How to Network

2. How to prepare and get to the elected official

3. Challenges that limit effective interaction with the elected officials

4. The place of the university as a community in national affairs and election.

5. How to be an effective advocate of your community's policies.

We hope for the best avenues to train students on governance and political issues in the department. Many thanks to NUPPSA for organizing to attend the event.

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