The role of civil society in promoting participation of women in Kenyan politics
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This project was concerned with the Role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in promoting political participation of women in Kenya n politics between 2008-2012. This was the period following the experience of post election violence and the agitation for the new constitution in Kenya. The study’s objectives included examining the activities carried out by the CSOs in empowering women politic ally, and the challenges the CSOs encounter in their promotion of women participation in politics in Kenya. The findings of the study were that the civil society plays a significant role in advocating for gender equality and women’s rights in the society while seeking to increase women’s participation in all decision making organs, women’ s representation in parliament and participation in politics. However, CSOs face challenges such as lack of funds, administrative inefficiency, political interference, donor conditionalities and competition among organizations for donor funding influence project activity success. The study therefore recommended that the CSOs need to overcome these challenges in order to support women political participation. This can be done by improving CSOs funding, educating the public through capacity building programmes, by networking with stakeholders with whom the CSOs share same interest s and holding joint activities for projects sharing the same outcome.